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artisan® is introducing several new stitching and production machines including a new extremely powerful 800 watt, 1.0 HP electronic servo motor designed for very heavy sewing machinery applications.
The new artisan® model ACF-624 is absolutely the best economical sewing machine motor available today.

ACF-624 800 Watt Servo MotorWe have a new medium duty Cylinder bed compound needle feed, walking foot machine with reverse called a 335 B. The machine is designed for stitching light weight to medium weight leather and canvas fabric projects. The new 335 B is a big bobbin sewing machine with forward 335 B Cylinder Bed Walking Footand reverse feeding designed for stitching handbags, purses, messenger bags, belts, mobile phone cases and smaller type three dimensional projects with either nylon or poly threads from size z-33 up to z-138. The machine sews from light weight leather and fabrics up to about 3/8" total thickness of medium weight seams. The cylinder bed machine is compatible with a Pfaff model 335-6 and most all of the spare parts are interchangeable.
Check out the new artisan® 335 B. We think that this high quality stitcher may fit your budget and your needs.

Another new model added to our full line of quality stitchers is a new style single needle sewing machine.
The artisan® model ZJ 9503 B/01 is designed to control sewing speeds from very slow operation up to high speed sewing in production sewing shops, drapery work rooms, tailors shops, with dressmakers, seamstresses, dry cleaners and alteration shops. Even home sewers will appreciate the new ZJ 9503's fully complete sewing machine system.
ZJ 9503 Direct Drive Motor Single Needle Sewing MachineThe system includes a new style Direct Drive Sewing Machine with a Needle Positioner Servo Motor built into the sewing machine head. This system eliminates the need for a v-belt driving the sewing machine from the undertable mounted motor. The ZJ 9503 is just one of our new style Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machines including Automatic Lubrication and a Reverse Feed Mechanism too. Major new features include the speed programmable built-in direct drive, 110 volt digital electronic needle positioner motor enabling the motor to stop the sewing machine with either the needle in the down position or in the needle up position. The old style v-belt drive system is eliminated. A Large Dial stitch length regulator and a large reverse lever handle for back tacking is standard. The new economical artisan® sewing machine may A-03-100 Rivet, Grommet, Spot and Button Covering Machinebe the smoothest and quietest lockstitch on the market. Our new motor is digitally programmable and one is able to easily adjust the ceiling or top end speed of the machine from super slow, crawling, up to very high production sewing speed. This 9503 runs very well and creates a beautiful stitch formation at the slowest operating speeds up to very high performance levels with extremely low vibration and almost no noise. One may adjust the machine for sewing from light weight knits and sheers to medium heavy woven's and light weight apparel leathers including topstitching boot uppers.

A third new product we are introducing is our new Rivet, Grommet, Spot and Button Covering Machine. The new artisan® model A-03-100 is a Pneumatic operated setter with three different heads fixed on an operator changeable turret. One can mount three different size dies for setting different spots, rivets, or grommets on the same one machine. Please telephone artisan® for additional information about the A-03 series or about any artisan® product.



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