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At artisan® Sewing Supplies our motto is "Experience Matters." We are proud of our achievements in being the leader in the leather stitching industry. artisan® was first in the industry to create affordable, innovative machinery for the vast array of leather working needs.

Here are just a few examples:

  • artisan® was the first to develop and provide totally complete, high quality, affordable harness stitching machine systems. artisan® designed and adapted our Ped-500 pedestal stand with locking caster wheels, which provides both stability and mobility for heavy duty harness and saddle stitchers.
  • Continuing our quest to find innovative solutions and to manufacture more affordable heavy duty saddle and harness stitchers, in 2005, we designed and developed the artisan® model TORO-3000 - the first truly affordable motorized stitcher that sews from light weight leather up to a full 7/8 inch thickness of any type of leather.
  • artisan® customers believe in our ability and competence in creating machinery that meets their specific needs. So in 2010 we developed a longer cylinder arm bed stitcher, the artisan® TORO-3200. With a 12 inch sewing work area, the TORO-3200 will sew up to almost one inch thick leather, and will also sew from small size z-69 up to extra heavy z-415 bonded twisted threads. The TORO-3200 has become the most popular harness stitcher in the industry.
  • From our customers' requests, we've designed and built another truly affordable leather working machine. The new artisan® TORO-LS 1020 is the first affordable 20 inch wide, motorized stationary knife leather splitter machine in North America.
  • Artisan® was also the first company in North America to offer customers an economical electronic D.C. Servo Motor specifically for sewing machines. These new type of energy saving sewing machine motors make old style clutch motors obsolete. With an artisan® servo motor, sewers can now maintain complete speed control whether sewing extremely slowly or up to very high production sewing speeds. Now in generation 14, we continue to innovate and improve; and so we recently helped to develop and market the new artisan® ACF-624 and ACF-680, Brushless A.C. Digitally Controlled Electronic Servo Motors.
  • Another of our firsts is the affordable artisan® model A-510-B hydraulic die cutting "clicker" machine. This 10 ton "clicker" is not only designed to fit through a normal size room door, but will save hours of time cutting out repetitive leather parts.

These are just a few examples of our wide array of machinery and designs we've brought to market. While we remain a family business and emphasize a gracious, friendly atmosphere, we strive to assist every customer in choosing the right machine to fit their exact needs. Our goal is to help leather-smiths and artists work smarter, more efficiently and to enjoy creating projects in natural leathers.
We at artisan® are the originals that all others strive to copy.


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