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Introducing the NEXT Generation artisan® ACF-600 series Digital Electronic Servo Sewing Machine Motors. The ACF-600 series motors are made to the highest exacting standards available. The latest ACF-628 model produces 4.1 Nm torque and 750 watts of power. That is nearly 1 full hp of performance and power. Standard obsolete 1/2 hp clutch motors are just 400 watts. Included with the motor system is a v-belt adjusting mechanism, a full cover over the pulley as well as a complete wiring harness with an rocker style on/off switch, a 110 volt lamp receptacle on the control box with push buttons and digital display. The new style speed controller is completely electronic and is extremely accurate. ACF-600 series motors begin gently and smoothly from stopped to whatever desired sewing speed the operator requires or to the maximum set speed. ACF-600 series motors develop full torque power from the first revolution variable up through whatever the desired sewing speed selected the operator chooses. Motor top end or ceiling speeds are easily digitally adjusted for complete speed control assuring the sewing machine operator of an absolute speed range with complete control and safety. Each electronic P.C. mother board and controller is made of the best quality electronic components and you are assured of many years of trouble fee performance.

In terms of value, performance, and reliability, the NEW artisan® ACF-600 series motors are the best digital electronic servo sewing machine motor available. We recommended the ACF-600 series motors for ALL medium duty to light heavy duty walking foot sewing machines made. Confidently, we also recommend the ACF-550 550 Watts servo motor for most high speed lockstitch single or double needle sewing machines, serger and overlock machines, coverstitch and interlock machinery for leather or fabric stitching.

An externally mounted synchronizer with a mounting kit is optional available for all ACF-600 series motors. Adding a synchronizer converts the motor into a special Needle Positioner motor system and will change your sewing machine into one that can be set to stop 100% of the time with the needle in the needle down position, then healing back on the foot treadle will bring the needle to the needle up position. Using the N.P. mechanism makes your sewing more efficient and reduces the work load on the sewing machine operator in a production line setting. (Not suited for uses with leather stitching)

artisan® ACF-600 series servo sewing machine motors are easily retrofitted to just about any industrial sewing machine application or any motor stand made for industrial sewing machines. Swap out the old obsolete clutch motor and bolt up the new energy efficient servo motor and wiring harness. It's easy and should take about 25 minutes to complete the installation.

artisan® offers several varieties of electronic servo motors. For very heavy duty sewing applications such as with artisan® TORO stitchers, we use the ACF-680 series motors producing 800 watts of performance, 1.1 hp. and 5.3Nm of torque. For even heavier applications we recommend the new artisan® ACF-681 electronic servo motor producing an awesome 1100 watts of power, 1.65 hp. with 6.0 Nm torque. To our knowledge, the most powerful sewing machine motor on the planet! Using either an ACF-680 or the 681 high torque motor on heavy thick sewing applications completely eliminates the need for a now obsolete, "Speed Reducer". Both of these two electronic servo motors are designed to be mounted in the normal standard under the table location, or may be mounted similar to the artisan® TORO-3200BT, the TORO-3200 "U", or the TORO-3200 Ped-500 series stitchers on top of the table top instead of in the old style traditional, under the table top position with the need for a longer and less efficient v-belt. All ACF-680 and ACF-681 motors include a remotely mounted, electronic, foot operated, speed controller and a P.C. Controller box with an illuminated on/off switch and 110 volt lamp receptacle. All artisan® motors have a v-belt adjuster and a safety cover protecting the pulley area of each motor.

The ability to completely and easily control the speed of your sewing machine speed is now the norm and no longer an arduous task. Motor speeds on all artisan® servo motors are digitally adjustable and variable from a completely stopped up to a ceiling speed of as slow as 200 rpm, and up to a full 3600 motor rpm when necessary or any desired speed of your choosing. You can set the motor system to sew very slowly, stitch by stitch, no faster than you'd like to sew. Set the parameters to 50 stitches per minute, or 200 spm, even 900 spm, or 1200 spm, or 1500 spm, you can set the maximum sewing speed to whatever you chose and maintain complete speed controllability. The motor will not cause your sewing machine to run away from you. All of our excellent servo motors feature an absolutely positive electronic braking mechanism which will stop the sewing machine almost instantly, and incredibly fast, giving the operator even more control and confidence while sewing.

Replacing your older now obsolete and noisy clutch motor and installing a new quiet efficient artisan® ACF series digital servo motor is a simple and a quick DIY project. Call us at 888-838-1408. We'll explain all about which of our several models may be best for your application and how easy it is to install a new artisan® servo motor. The operator control is incredible and artisan® motors will help you produce the finest sewn products possible. Telephone artisan® at 888-838-1408 and order your new servo motor today!



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Sewing Machinery Servo Motors

ACF-628     750 Watts
$220.00 Optional ACF-628 SCZ
Needle Positioner Synchronizer

ACF-550     550 Watts

ACF-680     880 Watts

ACF-681     1100 Watts